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Kimotsuki is a town located on the southeastern side of the Osumi Peninsula in Kagoshima, Japan. Known for the JAXA Uchinoura Space Center and the Koyama Yabusame Festival, Kimotsuki boasts abundant nature and a subtropical climate that create an ideal location for travelers looking to get off the beaten path and experience the leisure of the untamed countryside. 

Whether you are planning a day trip from Kagoshima City or a longer stay in Osumi, this website will serve as an introductory guide to all that Kimotsuki has to offer. Start exploring today!

Things to see and do

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Refresh your body and mind


Travel back to the past


Experience the future up close

Upcoming Events
Koyama Yabusame Festival 2020
October 2020 (date TBD)
Shijukusho Shrine
October 2020 (date TBD)
Shijukusho Shrine, 5580 Niitomi, Kimotsuki, Kimotsuki-gun, Kagoshima 893-1207, Japan
900 years of history resting on one archer's shoulders!
Nagoshidon 2020
August 2020
Kishira Beach
August 2020
Kishira Beach, 1184 Kishira, Kimotsuki, Kimotsuki-gun, Kagoshima 893-1511, Japan
Traditional dances performed in an unforgettable setting!
26th Uchinoura Rocket Festival
August 2020
Near 肝付町商工会内之浦支所
August 2020
Near 肝付町商工会内之浦支所, 286-4 Minamikata, Kimotsuki, Kimotsuki-gun, Kagoshima 893-1402, Japan

Phone: 0994-65-8422

98 Niitomi, Kimotsuki, Kimotsuki-gun, Kagoshima 893-1207, Japan

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