Refresh your body and mind by exploring scenic spots in the heart of the Japanese countryside.


Giant Camphor Tree in Tsukazaki / 塚崎の大楠

An ancient camphor tree that has a distinctive heart-shaped hole in its massive trunk

Kishira Beach / 岸良海岸

A white sandy beach known for being a sea turtle nesting ground and the site of Nagoshidon

Doryuji momiji (2).jpg

Hetsuka Beach / 辺塚海岸

A secluded beach with a pristine coastline surrounded by mountains in the southern part of Kimotsuki

Doryuji Ruins / 道隆寺跡

The mossy remains of a Zen Buddhist temple dating back to 1246

Todoro falls (11).jpg

Trace of Koyama Castle / 高山城跡

Walking paths that wind across the former site of a mountain castle ruled by the Kimotsuki Clan

Todoro Falls / 轟の滝

One of the biggest waterfalls in Kimotsuki, as well as a popular place to swim